Access and location:
• Licheń Stary is situated in the eastern part of Wielkopolska, in the district of Konin and Ślesin.
• The nearest city with a train station is Konin, which is 16 km away from Licheń.
• Passengers travelling by train from Konin to Licheń may take a PKS bus.
• 20 km away from Licheń there is an A2 motorway.
The easiest way of getting to Betania Pilgrim House is by taking Klasztorna road which can be accessed from the roundabout in the centre of Lichen – the second driveway from Konin or the first driveway from Slesin. After 500 m, enter gate no. 2.


Contact us


Ul. Klasztorna 4

62-563 Licheń Stary
Woj. Wielkopolskie

Dom Pielgrzyma Betlejem

Reception open 24h:
phone: (+48) 63 270 86 40

Dining reservation:
phone: (+48) 63 270 86 45
fax: (+48) 63 63 270 86 44